Ione Podgore

Chikondi Malawi Ione Podgore

Ione Podgore, founder of Chikondi Malawi


Ione Podgore, founder of Chikondi Malawi, and her husband John, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, had their first encounter with “the warm heart of Africa” in 2005 during a year-long engagement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Malawi.  They became caught up in the spirit and warmth of the people of this small, gentle nation. They have lived one-quarter of their married life in Africa. Says Ione, “There is something about Africa that fills your heart to such an extent that you want to return as often as you can.” For Ione Podgore, that something is the orphans at the feeding center located in a rural area outside the capital city of Lilongwe.

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