Feeding Assistance

Feeding Program at the Community Center for Youth Support (CCYS)

The current focus of Chikondi Malawi is providing supplemental nourishment to several hundred orphans in a safe, warm and loving environment. Chikondi Malawi feeds about 600 children breakfast and lunch every day during the school week. There is also a bicycle cart that delivers lunch to about 150 grandmothers, “agogos”, who take care of the orphaned children.

The feeding center is located in a rural area about 15 miles from the capital city of Lilongwe. The children come from seven villages that surround the center, and each child is registered.

Because of chronic food shortages in the area, schoolchildren were not going to school because there was no food to sustain them. With the program offered by Chikondi Malawi, these children now go to school with a full belly, knowing they will also get a hot lunch after school.

The elementary school, located just a 5-10 minute walk from the feeding center, has an enrollment of 1,200 students with 60 students to each class. Education is free in Malawi, but the schools are few and far between. This center, built in 2005 on land given by the government, allows both the feeding and educating the children in the area.


Andrea FrostFeeding Assistance